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Join a LIVE trading room where every day traders show and teach how they profit and minimize risk with their own money day trading.


Learn and Watch as Successful Traders Manage Trades with THEIR OWN MONEY!


Live Daily Trading Room

Watch live as seasoned traders walk you through their personal trades


Risk Management

We teach you how to effectively manage risk on trades.


Our Traders Success Rate

See how our traders hit over a 90% win rate on their own trades.


20+ Hours of Training

Plus over 20+ hours of training outside of the LIVE trading room.


Beating The Bots

We have developed ANTI - BOT strategies that earn no matter what the Wall Street Bots are doing

Our trading philosophy

Minimize Your Risk
and Maximize Your Gains

Learn our very simple but extremely powerful formula that can grow any trader's accounts.

Watch live as Real Traders show you the strategy on how to enter, manage and exit trades to minimize risk and maximize gains.

Our customized calls and signals help traders understand movements and when to get in and out of trades, no matter what the trading bots are doing.

Follow our compounding trading solution to compound gains over multiple trades, keeping the same amount of risk no matter account size.

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Access to customized charts that we use to trade

Get live feed of our customized signals, bounce points, calls and charts that are designed and programmed by large private trading funds

Watch as we walk through daily economic news and what it means for the market and trades.

Futures Market

Trading the news

See how our traders disseminate current conditions of financial and world news to determine directions and turns in the Futures market.

We provide a daily snapshot of upcoming news and show you live how to handle announcements no matter what happens on the economic calendar.


Jobless Claims


Retail Sales


Gas Prices


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Mark K

First Time Trader

“Thanks for the opportunity man, this is what I have been looking for......Had a great day today in about an hour, been a lot of fun and great learning experience. The way you are teaching us is priceless...”


Angela M

First Time Trader

“What an amazing experience it has been watching you trade, and learning how to do it for myself. Its great making this kind of money in so little amount of time. You make it look so incredibly easy. I really have learned so much.”


Randy E

Seasoned Trader

“Just want to thank you for the room, it has given me the confidence to take and stay in a trade even if it goes against me some. Your calls and levels are the best I've ever seen....I'm finally making some money.”